About the New Art Group

Founded in 1990, with an exhibition history of more than 25 years, the New Art Group is one of New Jersey’s longest standing art collectives. The Group has had over 60 exhibitions highlighting the works of the members at each period. It has also produced dozens of other exhibits and events that were curated or managed by New Art Group members. Group shows have been reviewed in the New York Times, the Start Ledger, the Courier News, the Echo Sentinel, and a wide variety of other print and online publications.

The New Art Group has been quite successful over the past 25 years in large part by supporting each other’s efforts, getting our work on the walls of unique and important venues, and in helping to promote each member as well as our group.

What makes the NAG unique is that it is a group of artists unified by intent rather than style. More than 20 artists have been members of the group and two of the original people still remain in the group. The New Art Group (NAG) was formed out of the members of the Visual Arts Committee of the Watchung Arts Center in New Jersey. Though the initial task of the Group was to provide visual arts programs for the Center, the Group also was responsible for hanging those exhibitions. One of the key ideas that hold the group together is that each show is themed and has a central idea or focus.

The Group has been independent for over 15 years now though we continue to maintain a key relationship with the Watchung Arts Center (WAC) www.watchungarts.org. As part of our relationship, we run solo and group exhibit competitions, occasionally curate exhibits in the main gallery for emerging and mature artists and annually produce a New Art Group exhibit in the upper gallery.