Paul X O Pinkman

Photography copyright, Neal Korn, 2017

Photography copyright, Neal Korn, 2017


Beauty. Grief. Delight. Curiosity. Sadness. Gratitude. Insight. Accident. Observation. Playfulness.

These are some of the many things that are embodied in my work. Through years of painting and drawing, with some significant periods in photography as well, I have laid out in my work my many states of mind and emotions for all to see. What is this? How does this actually look? What makes a successful painting? What makes art meaningful for me? For you?

The resulting works are an autobiography of my view of the visual and emotional worlds. I work in sequences, rather than series. Each sequence runs for maybe 4 or 8 paintings and a variety of sketches and drawings. They illustrate a particular awareness of where things are at in my mind and in my presence at that time. Current events melded with my feelings of the day married to the ideas I have absorbed and observed in the many manifestations of visual art discipline.

In all, what makes the difference for me is whether the works attempt to answer the questions, “How am I feeling today?” and “What am I seeing today?”

Are these valid artworld concerns? Probably not. Are they what motivates me to make art? Decidedly yes. My desire is that you find within these works something that connects to you and your world. Maybe some moment of truth or suggested question that makes you ponder your assumptions.


  • 2017
    Gallery at Hillside Square, Montclair, NJ – Two person show. January-February 2017
    Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ – Catalyst (Group Show), March 2017
    Gallery 1978, Maplewood, NJ – Group Show, April-May 2017
    ETS Gallery, Princeton, NJ – Catalyst (Group Show), June 2017
  • 2016
    Gallery U, Westfield, NJ – Letters, October, 2016
    Watchung Arts Center
    , Watchung, NJ – Letters, March 2016
  • 2015
    Valley Arts, Orange, NJ – Influences: Shared Triptychs, Diptychs and Singles, Oct 2015
    Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ – Portraits, Sept/Nov, 2015
    Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ – 2015 Invitational, Sept 2015
    Hamilton Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ – Influences: Shared Triptychs, Aug/Sept. 2015
    Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN – 2015 Juried Exhibit, July/Aug 2015
    Les Malamut Gallery, Union, NJ – New Art Group – Shadows and Memories, March 2015
    Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ – March 2015 – Black and Blue
  • 2014
    Hoboken Studio Tour, Hoboken, NJ, October, 2014
    The Center for Spiritual Living, West Orange, NJ – June 2014 – Sticks and Stones
    Watchung Arts Center, Watchung NJ – Multiplicity
  • 2013
    Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, West Orange, NJ
    Jersey City Studio Tou
    r, TenMarc Building, Jersey City, NJ
    Watchung Arts Center, Watchung NJ – GREEN, the effect of the concept Green
  • 2012
    Hamilton Street Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ – “Bound/Brook” Group Show
    Watchung Arts Center
    , Watchung NJ – “OMG” Group Show
  • 2011
    University of North Carolina, Pembroke, NC: “Inner & Outer Landscape: Contemporary Self- Portraiture and Representation, Sarah Powers Director of the Visual Art Exchange Gallery.
    Watchung Arts Center, “IS THERE A PULSE”. Watchung NJ
  • 2010
    Les Malamut, “IMAGINARY LANDSCAPES” Union, NJ
    Watchung Arts Center, “STICKS AND STONES” Watchung, NJ
  • 2009
    Watchung Arts Center, “PICNIC IN THE RAIN INSTALLATION”, Watchung, NJ
    Arts Guild of New Jersey, “NEXUS: MERCK 2009 INVITATIONAL” Rahway, NJ
    Princeton Brain and Spine Institute, “NATURE UNDISTURBED”, Princeton, NJ
    Watchung Arts Center, “TRUTH/LIES”, Watchung, NJ
  • 2008
    Children’s Specialized Hospital, Westfield, NJ
  • 2007
    Borus Properties, Summit, NJ
    Mayo Center for the Performing Arts, Morristown, NJ
  • 2006
    Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ
    Ocean County Artists’s Guild, Island Heights, NJ
  • 2005
    Palmer Museum, Springfield, NJ
    Monroe Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
  • 2004
    ADP Headquarters, Roseland, NJ
  • 2003
    NJN Headquarters, Trenton, NJ
  • 2002
    Borus Properties, Summit, NJ
    ADP Headquarters, Roseland, NJ
    Shering Plough, Madison, NJ
  • 2001
    Rahway Arts Guild, IMAGES OF UNION COUNTY, Rahway, NJ
    Artists for Art Gallery, THE TOY SHOW, Scranton, PA
  • 2000
    Plainfield Public Library, 100 Years of Plainfield Artists, Plainfield, NJ
    Mediapolis, New York, NY
    Brion Gallery, METAMORPHASIS, Lambertville, NJ
  • 1999
    Rahway Arts Guild, HUMAN PRESENCE, Rahway, NJ
    Watchung Arts Center, METAMORPHOSIS, Watchung, NJ
    New Jersey State Museum, NJ ARTS ANNUAL, Juried Exhibition, Trenton, NJ
    Vincent Lewis Gallery, ART GROUP PRIDE 2, NY.
    New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts, JURIED INTER’L, Summit, NJ
    Hawthorne Library, Hawthorne, NJ
  • 1998
    Watchung Arts Center, ENVIRONS, Watchung, NJ
    Charas/Galeria in El Bohio, 4th INDEPENDENTS BIENNIAL, New York, NY
  • 1997
    West Wing Art Project, FOUND OBJECTS, Naples, FL
    La Mama La Galleria, UNIVERSAL DIVERSITY V, , New York, NY
    Watchung Arts Center, OPPOSITES, Watchung, NJ
    24 Hours for Life Gallery, STRENGTH IN UNITY, New York, NY
    City Without Walls, IDENTITY, Newark, NJ
    Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters, New Brunswick, NJ
  • 1996
    La Mama La Galleria , ME, MYSELF & I, New York, NY,
    NJ Center for the Visual Arts, CELEBRATING ACHIEVEMENT, Summit, NJ
    Watchung Arts Center, BETWEEN A THOUGHT & A THING, Watchung, NY
    Leslie Lohman Gallery, NONPLUSSED, New York, NY
    Old Church Cultural Center, INNOCENCE & EXPERIENCE, Demarest, NJ
    William Carlos Williams Center, Rutherford, NJ
    New Jersey Center for the Healing Arts, TOUCHED BY AIDS, Red Bank, NJ
    Charas/Galeria in El Bohio, THIRD INDEPENDENTS BIENNIAL, New York, NY
    Watchung Arts Center, POSITIVE/NEGATIVE, Watchung NJ,
    ADP Corporate Headquarters, Roseland, NJ
  • 1995
    Watchung Arts Center, RED, HOT & BLUE, Watchung NJ
    Leslie Lohman Gallery, UNIVERSAL DIVERSITY III, New York, NY
    Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ
    Seton Hall University Law School, ALTERNATE VISIONS, Newark, NJ
  • 1994
    City Without Walls, 19TH ANNUAL NEW MEMBERS SHOW, Newark, NJ
    Palmer Museum, Springfield, NJ
    Watchung Arts Center, DAYDREAMS & NIGHTMARES, Watchung, NJ
    ADP [Automatic Data Processing] Headquarters, Roseland, NJ
    O.I.A. SALON EXHIBITION, The Prince Bldg., New York, NY
    Union County Arts Center, Rahway, NJ
  • 1993
    Watchung Arts Center, Seven Deadly Sins, Watchung NJ,
    Union County Arts Center, Rahway, NJ
    Chatham Library, Chatham NJ
    Burgdorff Realtors Corp. HQ, New Providence NJ
    Watchung Arts Center, A Need to Respond, , Watchung NJ,
    Madison Library, PEOPLE & PLACES, Madison NJ
  • 1992
    Watchung Arts Center, Open Juried Exhibition, Watchung NJ,
  • 1991
    Watchung Arts Center, ALTERNATIVE LANDSCAPE, NJ,
    Arts Council of Essex Area, 1991 Juried Exhibition, Roseland, NJ
    Cali Corporation, Randolph, NJ